The Ministry of Health is responsible for proposing and executing the Government's policy on health, planning and health care, as well as exercising the powers of the General State Administration to ensure citizens' right to health protection.

Image Functions and Structure

Functions and Structure

Competencies and organisational chart of the Ministry and its dependent bodies.

Image Autonomous Communities and Autonomous Cities

Autonomous Communities and Autonomous Cities

Health Agencies of the Autonomous Communities and Cities - Transfer to the Autonomous Communities of competences in the field of health.

Image Interterritorial Council

Interterritorial Council of the SNS [Spanish National Health System]

Permanent body for coordination, cooperation, communication and information on health services: information on the legal framework, related bodies, agendas and resolutions adopted in plenary.

Image National Health System

National Health System

Information on the health services provided by the public authorities - System coordinated between the Health Services of the State Administration and the Autonomous Communities.

Image Transparency and good governance

Transparency and good governance

Information on the Ministry.

Image Plan for Recovery

Plan for Recovery, Transformation and Resilience

Information on the areas of the Plan for Recovery, Transformation and Resilience (PRTR) in which the Ministry of Health is involved.

Image International Activity

International Activity

Information on the functions regarding the international activity of the Ministry, including multilateral and bilateral relations, and relations with the European Union.