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Organic Law regulating euthanasia in Spain

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Información oficial del Ministerio de Sanidad dirigida a la ciudadanía y a los profesionales sanitarios en relación a la entrada en vigor de la Ley Orgánica 3/2021, de 24 de marzo de regulación de la eutanasia.


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This page provides information of public interest on the information notes issued by the AEMPS (Spanish Drug and Healthcare Products Agency), attached to the Ministry of Health, to guarantee the quality, safety and effectiveness of, as well as correct information on the drugs and healthcare products on the market.

Data Health

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Go to this page to access the content of “Healthcare in data” gathered in the Healthcare Information System which the Ministry and the autonomous regional governments have jointly compiled and maintained since 2004.


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Interoperability in Spain is now on the map. That means that if you’re a National Health System user, your medical history travels with you, and you can get your medical treatment at any pharmacy in Spain. This is made possible by the development of systems supporting a health card which is valid in any National Health System point, and the sharing of clinical information and electronic prescriptions across regions. Get more information here.


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Why do you need to be vaccinated? The use of vaccines to prevent contagious diseases is one of the greatest success stories of worldwide public healthcare. At the individual level they prevent certain infections and have made it possible to eradicate and/or control diseases which were once a serious threat to public health. Vaccines are safe and effective, both at the individual level and for entire populations, despite the existence of misguided or unreliable information which make some people wary of them.

EU healthcare

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What happens if you are in another EU country and you need healthcare? You have the right to receive medical treatment in other EU member states, and your country of origin will cover part or all of the costs.

You have the right to receive information on your treatment options and to know how other EU countries ensure the quality and safety of their healthcare, or if a certain healthcare professional is legally qualified to offer their services.

Strategic Health and Environment Plan


Plan integral, abordado desde la salud y el medio ambiente que establece las actuaciones que deben realizarse para reducir el impacto sobre la salud de los principales factores ambientales y sus determinantes.


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In relation to the identification of matters requiring measures to be taken on the date when the United Kingdom effectively leaves the European Union, we include information provided by administrative centres belonging to the Ministry of Health.

Search engines of medicines

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Check here the information on medicines authorised in Spain, their state of financing and catalog of products included in the pharmaceutical benefit of the national health system (via dispensables pharmacy).


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What is HIV? How is it transmitted? How can it be prevented? This page provides answers to these and many more questions on the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). You can also find information on the latest published data on diagnosis and treatments.

Drugs and addictions Will open in a new window

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This page provides access to the National Drug Plan, an initiative to coordinate and enhance the drug policies of the different Public Administrations and social institutions of Spain.

Portfolio of services

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What is the portfolio of shared services in the National Health System? This is the set of techniques, technologies and procedures, understood to include each of the methods, activities and resources based on scientific knowledge and experimentation, used in the provision of healthcare.


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This page provides updated information on the process of specialist healthcare training, calls for applicants, training programmes, teaching credentials, legislation, etc.


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On this page you can access the institutional campaigns of the Ministry of Health to raise public awareness of aspects of healthcare and social services. These campaigns have been published in the media and online, since they constitute information of public interest.


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Go here to access the catalogue of publications published by the Ministry and the different bodies and agencies that it comprises. Its publications include many titles on a wide range of subjects relating to the responsibilities of the Department. At present the publications centre includes many works published on electronic media and available online.