EU-Patient Summary (EUPS)

The European Union Patient Summary is a document that collects the most important clinical information so that professionals from other European Union countries can care for any citizen who requests unscheduled health care outside their country. It aims to provide essential patient clinical information to healthcare professionals. It is created from existing information in the Electronic Medical Record.

For further information, you can view here.

-A) Patient Information Notice (PIN)

The Patient Information Notice (PIN) provides information to citizens and patients on the processing of their personal medical data when a professional consults their Patient Summary to be able to assist them in a Health Care Service.

If you are going to travel to another European Union Member State and receive medical care in that State, you can consult the processing of personal data that is carried out in My Health@EU services by clicking here File pdf. Will open in a new window .

If you are a European Union citizen and travel to Spain, you can consult the PIN by selecting your language and clicking on the corresponding pdf document. You can download this document or print it.

-B) Countries with EUPS service