Questions and answers for professionals

You can consult the implications in the processing of your personal data as a professional, by accessing the following information. File pdf. Will open in a new window

My access as a healthcare professional is restricted to health care purposes only.

If I am not the professional responsible for a patient's usual healthcare, I should only access the EUPS when that patient requests assistance and authorises me to know their clinical information.

Using the access (link, button, etc.) provided by the Electronic Medical Record applications of my Health Service.

After requesting access, I must authenticate my identity using the device (professional card, electronic ID card, etc.) that contains the Digital Certificate, providing the password associated with it.

After logging in, I have to enter the patient identification data. First of all, the references page will appear. Then I must look for the available information.

There is no such modality in EUPS for cross-border services

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