My Health@EU

Cross-border healthcare - Directive 2011/24/EU on cross-border healthcare requires European Union (EU) Member States to ensure continuity of care for citizens within the EU. In order to enable compliance with this obligation, Article 14 of the Directive establishes the eHealth Network (eHN), which is a political and strategic body for eHealth in Europe. Its task is to develop a European Interoperability Framework for Cross-Border eHealth Information Services (CBeHIS) in order to achieve a high level of trust and confidence, improving continuity of care and ensuring access to safe and high quality healthcare. Spain has been part of the eHN since its creation in 2011, participating as a member through the Ministry of Health.

European e-prescription interoperability project - Electronic prescription and dispensing, through the My Health@EU service, allows a medicine prescribed with an electronic prescription by a health professional in his or her country of origin to be dispensed in any pharmacy in another EU country.

Spain participates in this European project with its National Health System.

The Spanish electronic prescription interoperability project with the EU is coordinated by the Ministry of Health.

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