Records, Surveys and Information Systems of interest for the National Health System

Records, surveys and information systems professional and scientific field. Report:

Following the establishment by the Health Information Institute of a criteria set, consistent with the content and purpose of the information system, there has been an active search for records and information systems of public or private institutions, not currently included in the System Health Information and thicken this first inventory. Of the records initially identified have been included in a first inventory a total of 52, which affects a miscellany of issues with potential interest in the NHS.

Procedures for the recognition of records, surveys and information systems professional and scientific interest to the NHS.

In this manual is collected a proposal for the procedure evaluation of records, surveys and information systems of the scientific or professional scope, managed by scientific Societies or other institutions, with the goal of estimate its recognition as relevant to the NHS, ahead of its potential use in the Information System National Health System (SI-SNS). The registration's recognition does not imply any financial obligation for the Ministry.


For more information and documentation submission may contact the Health Information Institute

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