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NHS Interactive Consult: Consult tool on health matters and the health system using online interactive applications. (In Spanish)

Spanish National Health Survey | Mortality by Cause of Death | Late Stillbirth and Infant Mortality | Primary Care Information System (SIAP) | Statistics on Health Establishments providing In-Patient Care (ESCRI hospitals) | Minimum Basic Data Set at Hospitalization (CMBD-H) and Out-Patients Department (CMBD AAE) | CMBD Reports: Statical references of GRD | Health Barometer | Population. Enter

Advanced indicators i-CMDB for the analysis of hospitalization. (In Spanish) Enter

Key Indicators of the National Health System : Consult to relevant aspects of health and the Spanish health system. Enter

NHS Health Centres and Hospitals Directory. Enter

eCIEmaps: Consult application of the electronic versions of the ICD-9-MC, ICD-10-ES. (In Spanish) Enter

Precoder: Download application for automatic coding of episodes of ER in CIE9MC. (In Spanish) Enter


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