Certificates of Discharge of the National Health System Register. CMBD. State Regulation

Statistic included in the National Statistical Plan

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State regulation: group of data and indicators which define the operation of the whole of National Health System hospitals in relation with hospital admittance episodes, after having being classified by the Groups of Related Diagnosis (GRD) in the version "All patients" in force for the year of analysis (AP-GRD v25.0). They represent reference data for the National Health System for the casuistry and operation comparative analysis (see bellow for a description of included data).

Year 2010

    Results according to version 25 of the AP-GRD in force for the year 2010

Preceding years data

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The encoding of the diagnosis and procedures have been made with the International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification 5th edition and the grouping of those diseases using the version 21.0 of the AP-GRD.

The information included in each Group Diagnosis Related – GRD is the following:

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